The Lititz Regional Community Development Corporation (LRCDC) can help facilitate the overwhelming dynamics of growth and change for individual businesses.


Acting as a facilitator and making essential connections between business and government organizations, we can be a cohesive, centralized resource..


We help

•  attract and retain jobs

•  leverage the correct private and public sector expertise for your project

•  find creative ways to reinvest in our community and problem solve

•  identify potential funding sources and assist in the application process (serving as a conduit for state government incentive programs)

•  serve as a liaison between state and local government officials and local businesses

•  assist in the planning and real estate development process (including potential site selection and the review of applicable government regulations)

•  partner with local government and nonprofit organizations and county economic, housing and redevelopment agencies as needed to help community members and local businesses  attain their goals


Our business model provides several incentives to work with the LRCDC, including…

• Ability to identify and secure state funding sources that otherwise would go untapped

• Using proceeds to reinvest in our community and/or offset the cost of grant program matching requirements for

  governmental entities and select non-profits

• Well positioned Board of Directors

• Leaders from our governing bodies and school system

• Community and business leaders

• Former PA General Assembly member


Leveraging the Board of Director’s vast professional expertise and contacts, we can assist local business and community leaders in several ways …

• Take the lead on targeted community and economic development projects

• Refer them to the appropriate Subject Matter Expert(s) and generally “Connect the Dots”

• Help problem solve a particular matter

• Identify and procure project funding



Improve our community assets by…

• Creating a “dedicated revenue fund” within the LRCDC for community and economic development projects using proceeds from our consulting services and “Special Occasion Permit” events

     - Fund high impact community projects

     - Assist other non-profits and local governments by providing

       matching funds to their incentive/grant applications if they

       utilize us for this service

Lititz Regional Community Development Corporation

PO Box 32

Lititz, PA 17543

The LRCDC was born out of necessity…

• Concept originated with Warwick Township Manager, Dan Zimmerman

   -  Local municipalities needed an organization/conduit to assist them in matters related to community and

      economic development

   - Avoid potential conflicts of interest (both perceived and actual)

         ~ Example: project advocacy vs. code compliance/enforcement

• Officially created and filed with the Pennsylvania Department of State on December 28, 2012, with an effective

      date of January 1, 2013


We are a 501 (c)(3) non-profit  who is interested in becoming…

• The conduit for businesses, non-profits and local governments to receive

   state funding

• “Go-To” entity for the funding and development of community projects


We are organized to…

A. Create an active community which attracts people, jobs, investment and commerce by improving the social welfare of the region, promoting existing community resources, developing new resources and preservation, and celebrating architectural, cultural, historical, natural and agricultural heritage and resources

B. Serve as an educational resource to individuals and companies both within and outside the Lititz region regarding community and business opportunities, and development in the Lititz region

C. Identify and promote investment in and development in the Lititz region

D. Purchase, sell and finance real estate and businesses to promote community and business development in the Lititz region

E. Participate in any activity which, notwithstanding any other provision of these Bylaws, shall not disqualify the LRCDC under, or cause the termination of any tax election or qualification the effect of which election or qualification is to cause the LRCDC or part of its receipts to be exempt from imposition of a tax


Here are the key components of our proposed business plan which we are in the process of adopting…

• Use our knowledge of the state legislative and budgetary process to create a unique value proposition that no other

private or public entity can offer in the immediate future

- Put placeholders in the “Capital Project Itemization Bill” for the greater Lititz/Warwick region

- Amend the PA Liquor Code to include a “Special Occasion Permits” for us and Venture Lititz

• Monetize business plan by aggressively marketing our unique services to key stakeholders

• Develop a “dedicated revenue fund” that can be used to fund worthy community projects

• Become the our regions “community and economic development leader”

     - The conduit for businesses, non-profits and local governments to receive state funding

     - “Go-To” entity for the funding and development of community projects